Coronavirus Statement Update

TAAVETTI Office Furniture Online would like to update you on our Company Coronavirus Actions and emphasise the value we place first and foremost on the health and safety of our employees, supply chain partners and customers.

As a business we operate throughout Britain and work hard ensuring our employees and business partners have a clear understanding of the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We work within the guidelines of the UK and local Government setting practices that comply with what is being asked of us.

As lockdown restriction starts to ease throughout England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland we are continuing to be vigilant and respect National and Local Government guidelines and are proactively adapting our business to meet the changing demands that the virus has brought.

We continue to work hard in these challenging times having employed new working practices ensuring social distancing, and all appropriate cleaning protocol and PPE measures are in place effectively reducing the risks of the current virus threat and ultimately continuing to  provide our customers with the best service and buying experience we can at this time. We encourage where possible that our employees work from home to limit exposure through unnecessary travel.

We remain open and work hard with our supply chain partners to ensure any disruption is minimised for our customers.